12 Things every Christian Entrepreneur should do to become successful in business

This message is presented by Amos Johnson Jr, PhD. He is the CEO & Pastor of Church for Entrepreneurs. God has given him a calling to help Christian Entrepreneurs succeed at their calling. He believes a fulfilled life comes from clearly knowing what God has called you to do and doing it.

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Message Summary

Learn the 12 things you should be doing to become successful with the idea God placed in your heart. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, but if you do these 12 things discussed in today’s podcast you will become successful.

Here’s the list …

  1. Make sure your spouse is on board with the business vision.
  2. Be careful about picking political sides in the public square because you will alienate potential customers.
  3. Constantly promote what you are selling because people will forget about your products and services.
  4. Have a passion for what you are doing, so you can transfer your passion to your customers.
  5. Find the real pain points that people have, and will pay to solve.
  6. Experiment to find the right price point, but error on the lower side at first because you can always raise your prices later.
  7. Before you build it, make sure people want it.
  8. Focus, Focus, Focus
  9. Forget about being perfect, good enough is Ok.
  10. Get over self-doubt or you’ll never be successful.
  11. Realize that entrepreneurship is not a right nor is it fair.
  12. Don’t ask people to buy too soon because they will say no.

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