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God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called

Are you in the wrong job or business or group of people. You may not be able to “put your finger” on why, but you just know. The problem is, knowing you’re in the wrong place, does not indicate what’s the better place.

This agitation around your situation should not be ignored. That agitation is a call of your spirit to fix something, to align something, to do something else.

We all have a calling

In 1 Samuel 16:11-13, we meet David. He is the youngest of the sons of Jesse, a shepherd tending sheep. This shepherd boy has a calling. God has called the most unqualified boy to one day be King of Israel. He was far away from his future role as possible.

Who would think a shepherd could become King? Where you start does not have to define where you end up. God qualifies who He calls.

We all have a calling. This calling shows up in our childhood. We just need to be in tune to the divine to pick up on it this early.

Parents encourage your children to explore their talents, gifts and interests from an early age, and invest in their exploration and in improving them. This will give your children an incredible advantage. Your children will grow up with a better quality of life simply because they were encouraged to investigate things and plunge into areas they find they enjoy.

Called, then What?

Even when you know your calling, it may take time to fill that spot. In the mean time, walk in that direction. Keep learning, keep honing your craft, keep working toward that thing.

David, left the sheep to visit his brothers who were soldiers in the army of the current King. He also ended up in the King’s court as a musician, and later became a soldier himself. David got within visual distance of his future role. All the skills David had fed into his future, contributed to his forward move.

Just like David, you are there. Close enough to smell the future, a future still distant. You have a calling; acknowledge it, explore it, and invest in it.

trudy The author of this article is Trudy Beerman. She is an author, radio host, and CEO of Profitable Stewardship, inc. where she teaches Biblical Financial Strategies to help Christian income earners become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth.

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