How to have a pleasurable sex life with your spouse or future spouse

In this special message, we are covering the topic of sex with your spouse or future spouse. Your calling will succeed or fail based on your relationship with your spouse, and sex is a big part of that relationship.

But unfortunately, many married couples are not experiencing the fullness of sex that God desires for them and many singles have miss information about sex in marriage.

natalieTo improve our sex life, I am talking with Natalie Elliot, a nationally certified sex therapist. She is here to teach us all about sex and how to have better sex.

Singles, we analyze the things that need to be done during the dating process to get your martial sex life off on the right foot.

Married folks, we have tons of advice on how to really enjoy sex with your spouse.

Here are some of the things covered …

  • Overcoming the fear that sex won’t be good after you get married, if you don’t try it out first
  • Will you have to save yourself forever to have sex
  • How to forgive yourself if you had sex before marriage
  • Things to do during the dating process to make sure sex in marriage is great
  • Communicating openly to your spouse about what you want sexually
  • What’s on your sexual menu before and after marriage
  • Your spouse has to feel like they aren’t going to be judged when they express their sexual desires
  • Discussing your pass sexual history during the dating process
  • What sexual expectations should you have on your wedding night
  • Sex is a skill that you have to learn how to do
  • It is unrealistic to have an orgasm at the same time
  • How to stimulate a female to have an orgasm
  • Does size matter in bringing a female to orgasm
  • How mental strongholds stop you from an enjoyable sex life with your spouse
  • Having sex with a sexually transmitted disease
  • What sexual things are Biblical permissible in marriage
  • Couples should pray out loud over their sex life

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